Quarto Toolchain

1 About

Quarto is an open source STEM publishing system. It origin is in the R statistics language. Quarto produces documents in multiple formats, include HTML and PDF. It is based on Markdown. Via MathJax it has good math support. It is a strong candidate for producing accessible outputs, particular for blind users. This is a Quarto website.

2 Goals

The present intention is to focus on provide some examples of accessible Latex help, and of cheat sheets for blind students taking a math module. In these specialist areas, feedback from users is really important to ensure accessibility and other user needs. This is particularly important at the early stages.

3 Guide

The first four pages are:

4 Feedback

Comments are welcome. Here are three good ways.

The Blind Math list is a good resource for STEM accessibility (with a focus on math). Do consider joining that list.

5 URLs

To learn more about Quarto visit https://quarto.org.

6 Note

Nelson Beebe recommends the book Mathemematical Notation by Edward Scheiner(?). About 80 pages.