TeX Hour

A weekly video meeting

Accessible STEM and LaTeX


This will be the first TeX Hour after the 2023 northern summer holiday. All are welcome. We are fortunate to have Jonathan Godfrey as a special guest.

For more information about the TeX Hour, including Zoom URL, see the About page.

Last month Jonathan Godfrey travelled from New Zealand to the UK, to attend the 2023 R Project Sprint in person. He’s still in the UK. He was kind enough to invite me to meet with him after the sprint. Last Sunday I met him at the University of Warwick, and we had several hours getting to know each other better, and discussing matters such as:

At Thursday’s TeX Hour Jonathan G and I will review and continue our conversation, and you are invited to listen and also join in if you wish. I’m looking forward to this.

In case you didn’t know, Jonathan G is a blind senior lecturer in Statistics at Massey University, New Zealand. He’s also a proficient R user, who prepares teaching materials using R-Markdown.


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