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Jonathan Fine Last month I attended an excellent half-day workshop on Creating accessible online mathematics and statistics notes. The videos are now available. This TeX Hour will be a review of the workshop, based on the videos and other resources.

TALMO stands for Teaching And Learning Mathematics Online. It’s an organisation of teachers of maths and stats in UK universities. It was set up during the Covid-19 pandemic to share resources and avoid wasteful duplication. It continues to this day.

The TeX Hour

Most of the talk was a review of the speakers at the workshop, based on their home pages and similar resources. But first I gave a summary of workshop program, so that we could relate topics to speakers. I encourage you, before or after reading and viewing this page, to visit the TALMO page for the workshop and watch their the videos that interest you. That will strengthen the math and STEM access community.

In particular, I suggest if nothing else you watch the video (and read the slides) from Lilian Joy and students at York (see below for URLs).

Summary of TALMO workshop

Diagrams, figures and images
Ways of creating accessible notes


TALMO: Lilian Joy and York students
Workshop speakers and session chairs

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