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LaTeXML access audit arXiv LaTeX source


Jonathan Fine

The arXiv has about 2.5 million articles, most of which have been processed with LaTeX to produce PDF. In addition, most of these LaTeX articles have been processed with LaTeXML, to produce HTML. Recently the arXix has announced it will be making this HTML available, to improve accessibility. This TeX Hour is about using LaTeXML to audit accessibility of the arXiv LaTeX source.

For more information about the TeX Hour, including Zoom URL, see the About page.

LaTeXML produces a log file, containing warnings and errors. It provides to some degree an accessibility audit of the LaTeX source files on the arXiv. Tomorrow’s TeX Hour is an informal preliminary report on my efforts to use thes log files to audit arXiv source for accessibility. Results so far are outnumbered by problems, but it’s early days.

Going to https://ar5iv.labs.arxiv.org/feeling_lucky will send you to a random arXiv article in HTML. At the bottom of that page there is a link to the LaTeX-to-HTML conversion report (the log file), and also the arXiv PDF. Getting the LaTeX source is more work. Automating all this is one of the early problems.


Software demonstrated available at:

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