TeX Hour

A weekly video meeting

The arXiv Accessibility Report


Jonathan Fine The arXiv is the world’s pre-eminent math, physics and computer science preprint server. Recently they published an Accessibility Report. This is a very important document for the future of TeX in math, physics and computer science research and publication.

Monday 17 April 2023 is the date of the arXiv Accessibility Forum (1pm to 5pm Eastern Time - US). This TeX Hour will allow those interested to gain a shared understanding of the Access Report prior to attending the Access Forum.

All are welcome to both the arXiv Forum (register first) and the TeX Hour. You’ll get more benefit, and contribute more, if you read the report prior to the meeting. But if you don’t, you’ll still be welcome.

For more information about the TeX Hour, including Zoom URL, see the About page.


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