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LaTeX and the arXiv Access Tree


Jonathan Fine The arXiv is the world’s pre-eminent math, physics and computer science preprint server. It’s where articles are available before, and after, they’ve been published by a journal. It contains about 2 million articles, most of which written in LaTeX and rendered to PDF. This TeX Hour is about the arXiv providing accessible HTML as well as the usual PDF.

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The arXiv Access Report and Forum

PDF is not good for accessible content, particularly when math is involves. The arXiv has a major project to improve matters, whose Access Report states:

Based on our user research the step our community wants arXiv to take is clear: offer well formatted, accessible HTML alongside existing sources.

On Monday 17 April 2023, the arXiv is holding an Accessibility Forum, as part their access project. This will be the most important and best attended meeting related to the future of TeX for several years.

Please consider signing up for the arXiv Accessibility Forum. It’s actually much more important than the TeX Hour on 30 March. But if you’re a geek, go to both.

Helping the arXiv

The Access Tree is a key concept in accessibility of computer software and electronic documents. It is the virtual tree provided to screen-readers and other accessibility tools, which provides an interface suitable for the blind and visually impaired, as well as those with motor disabilities, such as weakness of muscle strength or control.

The arXiv has started a large and important project. They need and deserve our help and support. This TeX Hour will is about creating a technical architecture overview of the various methods of creating an Access Tree (via HTML) and high-quality PDF from a single source, probably LaTeX.

This TeX Hour will be recorded, to make it available to others. If you’d like to contribute to the overview come along. You’ll be able to make a brief presentation.


Much of the content and motivation for this TeX Hour arose from an in-person conversation with Kaveh Bazargan, who will be a breakout panellist at the Accessibility Forum. Kaveh’s company River Valley sponsor the TeX Hour by paying for its Zoom license.



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