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A weekly video meeting

STEM access: From author to reader (talks)

The video for the talks is above. For the discussion follow this link.

The meeting

On Thursday 19 January, 6:30 to 8:30pm UK (ie GMT) time there was a special two hour meeting on accessibility in the STEM document toolchain, from author to reader.

Speakers: Jason White, Jonathan Godfrey and Patrick Smyth

We’re fortunate to have three special guests, all with expert knowledge and experience both personal and professional.

Meeting format

The first hour will be presentations from our speakers. After a break, we’ll then go into Panel or Small Group mode. All are welcome. The meeting will be recorded and published. You’ll find some past videos on the Accessibility page.


Authoring accessible STEM documents with confidence and independence can be hard especially if you’re blind and also if you don’t know which tools are the best ones to use. And even for the sighted, there’s the problem choosing tools that produce outputs that are accessible to those who are not.

The arxiv.org is a massive online repository of STEM preprints, mostly authored in LaTeX and generated into PDF upon submission. They are doing the research and planning work now to be able to offer papers in a more accessible form. Engaging the author will be one facet of this effort.

This STEM author and reader access meeting and its successors are intended to complement and provide mutual support for the work of the arxiv team.

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