TeX Hour

A weekly video meeting

Vector graphics: A rough survey

Why survey vector graphics?

Jonathan Fine: Briefly, because Adobe’s PostScript (1982) and its offspring PDF (1993) no longer rule dominate as once they did. The new millenium (2001) saw Scalable Vector Graphics from the W3C. And now PDF and HTML5 (including SVG) have similar importance.

More broadly, ‘digital typography’ today equally embraces PDF and browser. This TeX Hour presents the outcome of a rough survey of vector graphic. I hope others will contribute.

For more information about the TeX Hour, including Zoom URL, see the About page.


Problems in dvisvgm have prompted this TeX Hour. The problems arise from changes in Ghostscript, which in turn arise from security (and performance and support) problems in PostScript. Another concern is that HTML5 now dominates PDF in many areas. See for example Paged.js, which is

a free and open source JavaScript library that paginates content in the browser to create PDF output from any HTML content.


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