TeX Hour

A weekly video meeting

Rethinking TeX in STEM (talks)

The video above gives just the talks. For the interesting and lively discussion afterward watch the video here.

This special meeting of the TeX Hour was fortunate to have three special guests:

Here’s a brief introduction to these new and interesting systems:

This TeX Hour had two parts. The first hour was presentations followed by a panel discussion.The second hour was a lively and friendly discussion with about 12 participants. You can watch the video here.

Peter Williams: 2022 TeX Conference keynote

The Tectonic Project: Envisioning a 21st-century TeX experience

Dennis Müller: 2022 TeX Conference

sTeX3 — A LaTeX ecosystem for semantic/active math documents

Martin Ruckert: 2020 TeX Conference

The HINT project: Status and open questions

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