TeX Hour

A weekly video meeting

Using Git to subset TeX Live

Famously, Don Knuth’s TeX produces identical outputs from identical inputs. It is reproducible computing, across space time and platform. It provides archival quality digital documents.

Guaranteeing identical input, and identifying differences, can be hard work. Git provides a widely used solid and reliable solution for software development version control.

At this TeX talk Jonathan Fine will demonstrate his progress in using git as part of the foundation of Portable TeX Documents. In particular the focus is on extracting from TeX Live just those resources on which a particular TeX document depends.

This will make it quick and economical to construct a virtual environment for the typesetting of that TeX document (and similar documents). There are other applications.

No prior knowledge of Git is required. For the technically minded, a Git pack file is an immutable content addressable key-value store.

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